Sacred Plant, a journey to the center of your being


The jungle vaccine


The plant of our grandparents

Trip to the jungle

    • A calling to the jungle, a sacred journey of healing and rebirth

      The team of Ayahuasca Plantas Sagradas has the pleasure of sharing this experience with you, the whole team will enjoy the deep encounter with the jungle, the cradle of medicines, where we will meet shamans of different etnics groups and share with them their ancestral medicines.
      Ayahuasca ceremonies led by local shamans, with excursions during the day to magical places in the jungle.
      We are happy to share this experience of growth and expansion with you.

BioHumano Project

The awakening of the shaman

This project is born out of years of experience with different techniques to expand awareness and work with master plants, of the encounter with the shamans of the Amazon and the Andean cosmovision, of the teachings of the swamis in India, and the logical reasoning of the Western culture and psychobiology.

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